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Wendy Percival


Wendy has been making and teaching art for over thirty years. She graduated with a BA in Art (Antioch, USA) and later attended the Montserrat School of Art. She has also worked as an apprentice in studios in Paris, France, and Kyoto, Japan. Her preferred art mediums are printmaking, painting and pottery. She has experience teaching a wide range of art media and has lived and worked as an artist in Samoa since 1986. During this time Wendy has gained considerable experience teaching art to children, youth and adults and has also conducted art therapy programs with disabled persons, the elderly, victims of abuse and persons with mental health issues.

Galumalemana Steven Percival


Graduating in 1980 with a degree in marketing from Massey University in New Zealand, Galumalemana has always been interested in art. He is a self-taught photographer and videographer and has, over the years, become increasingly interested in documenting Samoa’s rich natural and cultural heritage and some of the challenges facing society. In 2003, with support from the United Nations, Galumalemana produced his first documentary film: exploring perceptions of human rights in Sāmoa.  He went on to produce two more human rights education films in 2005: on issues facing disabled persons and on religious freedom.  Over 30 productions are currently listed in the Tiapapata Art Centre multimedia catalogue. 

TAC Trustees

Wendy Percival, Galumalemana Steven Percival, Iosefa Percival, Rhonda McDonald, Ruta Sinclair

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