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Over the years, the Tiapapata Art Centre has implemented a number of projects that place creativity at the centre of development.

The Green Paper Project funded under the Green Climate Fund through the  Civil Society Support Program is currently being implemented.

The UNESCO Spotlight Initiative video series and the short film exploring the respect accorded women in traditional Samoan society under the Film4Gender Project have been successfully completed.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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Trailer (3:53 minutes)

Green Paper Project

Currently being implemented with support under the Civil Society Support Programme, this project aims to establish a paper making facility at the Tiapapata Art Centre that will use natural fibres found in the Vaisigano Catchment Area to make textured handmade papers. The acquittal report for the first tranche of funding can be read here.

u'a (paper mulberry tree)

Lau o le u'a - leaves of the paper mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera). This bast or inner bark of the tree provides long fibres that are beaten to make siapo (also known as tapa), a traditional bark cloth made by skilled artisans of Samoa. The craft is currently being revived along with the 'ie sae (fine mat). 

O le Feagaiga Tausi

Funded under the Spotlight Initiative and implemented in collaboration with the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States, this project explores the traditional worldviews that once nurtured and protected women and girls and was recently concluded. Proverbial expressions and cultural constructs highlighting the respect accorded to women and girls in traditional Samoan society were identified and featured in a series of five short video clips to be used primarily on social media:

  • Episode 1:  E mū mata o le tama tane i lona tuafafine ~ a brother face burns in service for his sister.

  • Episode 2: O le tama‘ita‘i o le tamasā ~ a girl child is a sacred child.

  • Episode 3: E au le ina‘ilau a tama‘ita‘i ~ women can accomplish much. Note the literal translation refers to how women completed their thatching (beating men in a competition).

  • Episode 4: O le tama‘ita‘i o le feagaiga tausi ~ women are a sacred covenant.

  • Episode 5: O tama‘ita‘i o pae ma auli e fa‘amaopoopo ma fa‘anofofilemuina aiga ma nu‘u ~ ladies are instrumental at setting affairs in order and establishing harmony in families and villages.


Segments from this series are included in a longer 2-part documentary film produced for Film4Gender and the Pacific Consortium of Pacific Filmmakers (refer below).

Episode 5

O le Tama'ita'i o le Fegaiga Tausi - Women and Girls - a sacred covenant

The first part of this 2-part documentary series has been produced for Film4Gender and the Pacific Consortium of Pacific Filmmakers ( . With funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the British government, the film explores whether proverbs and cultural constructs from pre-European contact Samoa may help curb violence against women girls in modern Samoa. 

Read the Acquittal Report here