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Wendy Percival

Wendy creates using a variety of different mediums. She is an accomplished 2D and ceramic artist, specifically oil paint, collage and pastel.  

Steven Percival


While Steven has made a name for himself with his documentaries and photography, he started his career as an artist designing and shaping bone carvings, wooden sculptures, combs and bookmarks.


TAC strives to create a network of artists both in Samoa and internationally, providing for a stimulating environment and the cross fertilization of artistic ideas and methodologies. While we have been fortunate to have many great artists-in-residence stay with us, we also welcome any artist visiting Samoa to stop by the centre at their convenience to share their experiences and maybe create some art together. Over the years, accomplished artists from Germany, The United States, New zealand, Australia, Iceland, Ireland, Israel have joined us at the art centre. 


Below you will find links to Artist websites of those who have joined our community for a short time.



Helena Andreef-Laurin & Staffan Laurin
Linden Eller
Helga Rostock
Maria Markovic
Anja Gnauck
Tiffany Singh
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