O Le Faletalimalo

a samoan house for receiving guests
A Traditonal Samoan Fale

In 2013, the Tiapapata Art Centre commissioned the building of a traditional Samoan house for receiving guests (faletalimalo). The house was built using traditional methodologies and materials, including over 10,000 metres of sennit ('afa). 'Afa or coconut sennit is one of the most important of Samoa's cultural products and to celebrate this ingenious discovery made by early Samoans, the Tiapapata Art Centre, with support under the United States Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation, produced a documentary film and published a photoessay in Samoan and English titled "O le 'Afa Samoa ~ Samoan Sennit." 

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This structure has been referred to by UNESCO-Apia as the most authentic Samoan house in Samoa. 

Over 40 hours of high resolution digital video and 2,000+ images captured the construction project with many interviews and commentary recorded for posterity. 

RIGHT: Master Builder Lesa Laufale Fa'anu headed a team of seven builders from Sa'anpu. The project took seven weeks to complete.