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'Ula Su'i Fefiloi

Samoa is a country of great natural beauty with a rich and distinguished culture. Intense colours can be found in marine and terrestrial environments of the islands - from the brightly coloured sega'ula (blue-crowned lorikeet) to the equally vibrant fuga gutumu (parrotfish). The rich colours in nature complement hues found in an array of cultural expressions - from besparkled ceremonial headdressed to the green and red feathers adorning 'ie sae or fine mats, and to the strong earth tones found in siapo (bark cloth). Perhaps this is one reason why so many artists are attracted to Samoa. 

2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Tiapapata Art Centre, a charitable trust established to promote traditional and contemporary arts and crafts in Samoa.

To celebrate this milestone, the works of artists from around the world who have visited Samoa over the last 25 years were featured in an opening exhibition from the 14-21 of May, 2016. International artists featured in the show alongside local artists came from Sweden, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Canada, USA, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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