Mango Suite Treehouse

A mango tree standing near the studio has a treehouse nestled within its branches.  The treehouse has an inside toilet and kitchen and a stone-walled shower under the trees.  The treehouse can comfortably accommodate four people with two sharing a double bed in a loft. Wake up to the singing of the wattled honeyeater (iao) or listen through the night to Samoa's most melodious birdsong - of the endangered ma'oma'o (Giant forest eater).

Single occupancy         US$35/night

Double occupancy      US$40/night

Triple occupancy         US$45/night

Family of four              US$50/night


Extra meals upon request; and can

cater to special dietary needs.



The ma'oma'o in this image (right) was standing on a low branch of the mango tree before the treehouse was built.